Fundraising Crash Course

Learn the basics of Fundraising  in 12 minutes. Fundraising is complex, but Peter teaches the basics in this entertaining and practical video, introducing his novel method called "Fundraising Geometry".

I was thrilled to speak at the Nonprofit Summit by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce held at St Francis College. Lots of nonprofit experts attended, so time was tight. We were given 15 minutes each to make our presentations and I wondered what could I present that would be succinct and be the most helpful.

I thought about 2 minute Shakespeare, which if you haven't heard about, is an entire play- drama, intrigues, romances and murders, all enacted in 120 seconds flat. 

So in comparison to 2 minutes, 15 is an eternity. It was enough time for me to cover a method I've named "Fundraising Geometry" .

In Fundraising Geometry I use 3 basic shapes: the triangle, the circle and the rectangle, to explain the basics of a 1) Capital Campaign, 2) where the money comes from and 3) how much money you can raise. And I managed to do it in 12 minutes! Here's the video below.

By the way, here's a really fun 1 Minute Hamlet!  LINK.

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