Infinite Money: The Story of Our Logo

Bill Gates once said that he has infinite money since his money earns more in interest alone than he can ever spend. He is also one of the most generous philanthropists.

Our logo is the infinity symbol with dollar bills shooting out. It expresses potential… and an opportunity to examine the accepted philanthropic norms. The non-profit sector puts generosity before money and rightfully so. Making a charitable gift is about the feelings of generosity and the positive connection to the organization that the donor receives. The money is simply the exchange that takes place as a result. In fundraising, if you focus only on the money, you’ve missed the boat.

This is all true.

And still there is the money. If you’re going to embrace the quest for some money – for your non-profit, for your own bank account, to give to others – why not go for broke? Infinite money. What a great thing to contemplate.