Countdown to the Next One Song Dance Party

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Join us. You won’t regret it.

Join us every Monday for 12:12 - A Virtual One Song Dance Party

This is NOT fundraising, but it is fun!

We dance on Zoom.

Email for the Zoom link:

Here’s the details:

12:12pm Eastern Time

This is a 5-minute live video dance party on Zoom!

We play one song on video conference call. Everyone dances, then we go back to whatever we were doing.

Why? It's radical gratitude practice!

We love dance, movement, connecting with other people. And this life, the one you are living right this very moment, be it sticky-icky-rough-tough-fun-ecstatic, is reason to celebrate! This gratitude practice supports us to embody the underlying goodness of life.

What music will we dance to?

We love lots of music - rock, world, pop, all sorts. With a focus on a celebratory vibe.


Join us on your computer or phone with Zoom.*

And here’s the drill:

  • Get on the video call at 12:10 so you’re ready to go.

  • Only join us if you have video access on your computer or phone and want to be seen dancing. We can take up to 50 people.

  • Dance your gratitude!

  • Say good-bye

  • Return to your regularly scheduled programming (your life).

* If you’re new to Zoom, here’s how it works….

Best to be on a computer, but phone is ok too.
Once you’re in Zoom choose Gallery view so we can all see each other.
Important: Please mute your line and we can un-mute to say goodbye.
See you on the Zoom dance floor.