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Capital Campaigns

A fundraising campaign is a great way to focus attention on your nonprofit’s financial needs.

When done well it rallies staff, board, donors, and community members around the important work you do and your even stronger ability to do this work once you have raised the campaign’s proposed money.

Campaigns can be focused on physical space, programmatic growth, or on endowment. Most commonly they are used for physical renovations or the purchase and construction of new space. When this happens they are often referred to as “capital campaigns.”

Your success depends on determining whether you are ready for a campaign (see Feasibility Studies), and then calculating the right dollar goal to put in front of the right donors with the right story about your growth.

Our company can help your nonprofit with all of these pieces of the campaign and much more you haven’t begun to think about. We’ve been there and can lead you successfully through the process.


Feasibility Studies

A fundraising feasibility study provides the necessary sharp focus to get organized for a capital campaign. It is not a separate activity from a campaign but really the vital first step.

We just happen to know a lot about this.


Major Gift Programs

Major Gifts are a distinct and important fundraising channel

When major gift programs are done right, fun is had by everyone! Donors become passionate about your organization and provide up to 80-90% of your annual support; Staff become more enthusiastic about their work because these relationships are powerful. 



Targeted training on specific fundraising challenges can be the best way to help development professionals, executive directors, and board members

Heller Fundraising Group provides transformational training on Capital Campaigns and Major Gift Fundraising to nonprofit staff members, boards of directors, campaign committees, and groups of nonprofit leaders.


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